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About us


European Braking Systems (EBS)

EBS has a long-standing reputation as a trusted partner for aftermarket solutions in the automotive industry. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a loyal following of customers who rely on us for their replacement and upgrade needs.

We take pride in being an independent manufacturer and distributor of air brake and vehicle control system components. This means that we have the freedom to develop our own premium quality products under the EBS brand, as well as offer a variety of original brands to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

We are EBS

Our experienced workforce has spent years in the air brake industry, developing their knowledge and expertise to become one of the largest European airbrake manufacturers. This level of skill and dedication is reflected in the quality of our products, which have become instantly recognisable and trusted across the industry.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have a dedicated Research & Development department that is always in touch with the marketplace. This allows us to stay ahead of industry trends and develop new and innovative product ranges to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

As a company with over 22 years of experience, we take pride in our commitment to providing high-quality products that you can count on. Our dedication to quality is reflected in our low warranty rates, which demonstrate our attention to detail and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

From the very beginning, our mission has been to create products that are reliable, durable, and built to last. We understand that our customers expect the best, and we strive to exceed those expectations every day. That's why we invest in the latest technology and equipment, as well as a highly skilled workforce that is dedicated to producing the highest quality products possible.

In short, at EBS, we are committed to providing the best aftermarket solutions for air brake and vehicle control systems. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, you can count on us to be your trusted partner.

Caliper Remanufacturer

Our remanufactured brake calipers provide an economical alternative to OE brake calipers. Not only are remanufactured calipers a more sustainable option, but they are also considerably more cost-effective compared with fitting a new brake caliper. Remanufacturing requires fewer raw materials and saves energy in comparison with the production of a new brake caliper.

One of our core values at EBS Aftermarket Group is 'Green'. That is why we are happy to be a proud member of APRA (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association).


Our Values


We consider the environment in everything we do and we are committed to adopting greener practices in our business, reducing waste in the business and recycling products where we can to reduce our carbon footprint and develop our remanufacturing capabilities to protect our planet.


Ensuring the very highest standards of safety, durability and reliability in all our products.Making our products conform to the very best industry standards with cutting-edge innovation and design.


Putting our customers first and at the heart of everything we do. Constantly striving to exceed our customers’ expectations and delivering the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction. Going the extra mile for our customers.


Thinking carefully about the decisions we make and ensuring we act ethically at all times. Maintaining the very highest standards of personal conduct with our customers and colleagues. Being transparent, open and honest in all we do.


Constantly striving to grow and expand the business. Seeking out new commercial opportunities across the globe. Developing new products and never standing still.


Treating our staff with respect and dignity. Providing a working environment where there is equality, opportunity and room for growth. Valuing our people for the contributions they make and listening to their views and opinions.


EBS Founded

EBS was founded in Manchester UK.  With a highly skilled workforce, on average of 30 years’ experience within the airbrake market, with the intention to independently distribute and specialise in air brake systems and components.

Abal Engineering

To have access into the export market EBS acquire Abal Engineering Ltd, one of the UK’s leading distributors of commercial vehicle truck & trailer components.  As well as the UK, Abal also held a good reputation in many foreign markets throughout the world. 

EBS x Abal Merge

Abal becomes less prominent in the market. With this EBS decided to merge the Abal product portfolio and its staff into the EBS operation. The result allowed the focus to be made on only one brand, one product range, air brake systems and components.

EBS China

EBS Aftermarket Group open’s a plant based in China to have the facility of its our own warehouse and manufacturing capabilities under its own quality control procedures.

Assured Performance Ireland

EBS Aftermarket Group acquire AP Ireland, a leading specialist in the distribution of all major brand turbochargers for the commercial vehicle market.

First Product Catalogue

EBS launches it first comprehensive product catalogue, to this day remains the market leading publication.


The EBS Group acquire Drakefield Ltd, an Essex-based wholesaler of air brake systems and components, providing greater access to the South East of the UK. EBS establishes its own online order facility, enabling customers to enquire and place orders.

EBS Expansion

EBS expands and with this opens a brand new 3500 sq. metre manufacturing and quality control centre in Trafford Park UK next to its headquarters. EBS Aftermarket Group also secures investment from BGF in order to support product development and accelerate international growth.

Air Brake Company Holland

EBS Aftermarket Group acquire Air Brake Company Holland B.V based in Nijmegen, Netherlands. As a specialist air brake supplier and remanufacturing centre, it further strengthens the EBS groups position in Europe.

EBS Romania

EBS Aftermarket Group opens offices and a distribution facility in Valcea, Romania, once more adding strength to the EBS groups position in Europe.

Why Choose EBS

EBS carries an unrivalled onsite stock profile offering a fast, reliable and professional service with our UK distribution centre allowing first time pick availability of over 90%.

Through expansion, we stay ahead of the market. By improving our manufacturing processes, site facilities and investing into research and development allows us to continually learn about the growing global market for braking systems. Through expansion, we stay ahead of the market. By improving our manufacturing processes, site facilities and investing into research and development allows us to continually learn about the growing global market for braking systems.

our group

Established in 2000, our Group's head office has been at the forefront of providing original equipment commercial vehicle parts in the UK market. Over the years, we have undergone a remarkable transformation and emerged as a multinational group, catering to the diverse needs of customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, we have expanded our offerings to include not only original equipment but also our own brand of trusted aftermarket products.

Today, our Group boasts a global presence with operations in five countries and a dedicated team of over 130 employees. Our talented workforce is comprised of highly qualified technical experts, who bring their expertise and passion to every aspect of our business. We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of products that meet the highest industry standards, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers across the globe. As we continue to evolve and adapt to the changing market dynamics, our Group remains committed to delivering excellence and exceeding customer expectations in every market we serve.

Want to join us?

If you believe you have what it takes to become a part of the EBS family, do not forget to check out our career page where we will be displaying our vacancies.